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Ms. 459

The collection was donated to the university by the COMSAT Legacy Foundation between 2004 and 2005.  The Foundation had received legal title to this material from Lockheed Martin, which had acquired COMSAT in 2000.

Administrative History
COMSAT (Communications Satellite Corporation) was formally established on February 1, 1963 as a result of the Communications Satellite Act of 1962, which charged COMSAT with responsibility for developing a commercial communications satellite system. As the language in the act stated:

it is the policy of the United States to establish in conjunction and in cooperation with other countries, as expeditiously as practicable, a commercial communications satellite system, as part of an improved global communications network, which will be responsive to public needs and national objectives, which will serve the communications needs of the United States and other countries, and which will contribute to world peace and understanding.

The previous year, AT&T and NASA had successfully launched the Telstar satellite, which provided the link for the first transatlantic television broadcast.  Although COMSAT was established to limit the likelihood of AT&T monopolizing the satellite communications industry as it had the telecommunications industry, AT&T nevertheless owned 29 percent of the company's stock and named three members to its board.

COMSAT launched its first satellite, Early Bird, in 1965.  Unlike Telstar, which flew in relatively low orbit, Early Bird flew in a geosynchronous orbit, allowing it to provide around the clock coverage to a much larger area. It covered the North Atlantic region using earth stations in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy.

COMSAT had, a year earlier, become a partner in Intelsat (International Telecommunications Satellite Organization), a consortium of eleven countries whose goal was global satellite coverage.  By 1969, Intelsat had established full global satellite coverage through its system of geosynchronous satellites. 

Nineteen sixty-nine was a landmark year for another reason:  COMSAT Laboratories, the company's research and development arm, opened in Clarksburg, Maryland.  The building, designed by noted architect Cesar Pelli, housed a state-of-the-art lab for research into microwave technology, solar cells, solid state systems, and semiconductors.  Some of the projects pursued by the lab included the development of a more efficient solar cell, digital echo cancellers, lighter and more efficient storage batteries, and equipment that would allow a doubling of the capacity of a satellite transponder for television transmission.

In 1976 COMSAT deployed two satellite systems separate from its monopoly business, Intelsat.  They were Marisat, to provide mobile services to the United States Navy and other maritime customers, and Comstar, a domestic system

To separate these activities from its Intelsat business as required by the Federal Communications Commission, COMSATformed a subsidiary company, Comsat General.  In 1982, the Marisat satellites, along with three Marisat earth stations (two in the US and one in Japan) formed the initial operating system for the International Maritime Satellite Organization (INMARSAT).

In 2000, COMSAT was acquired by Lockheed Martin Corporation and operated as a wholly owned subsidiary. Between 2000 until 2004, Lockheed sold off various parts of COMSAT.  At the end of 2004, what was left of Comsat General was sold to Intelsat, Ltd.

Scope and Content Note
Because this is an artificial collection, formed largely by materials gathered by members of the COMSAT Legacy Foundation, it does not document all aspects of the corporation's history.  It does, however, provide enough source material to be of particular interest to researchers in the areas of history of science and technology, telecommunications history, and business history.

The early days of COMSAT are well represented through press clippings, copies of the required reports to the President and Congress, and a bound set of the documents related to the establishment of the corporation, and the first shareholders' meeting.  Also, the historical series contains a number of early technical reports.

The bulk of the collection consists of publications, for both internal and external audiences; public relations material; files collected to document the history of COMSAT; and papers related to COMSAT executive, John McLucas.  McLucas joined the company as president of Comsat General, later became president of COMSAT World Systems, and ended his career as an executive vice president of COMSAT.

There is also a significant collection of visual materials?16 millimeter films, videotapes, and U-Matic tapes?that record important events in COMSAT' s history, including early satellite launches.

Although most of the material relates to COMSAT, there are also records that document the activities of Comsat Labs, Comsat General, and the Marisat program, and with their international partners, Intelsat, Inmarsat, COMSAT Labs, Comsat General, and other subsidiaries.  This material is found largely within the publications and public relations series.

Series Description

Publications, 1962-1997
The publications series includes annual reports, public disclosure documents, SEC filings, brochures, Comsat Technical Reports, and corporate magazines.  The brochures are of particular interest since they document the wide range of services offered, and subsidiaries developed by COMSAT.  They date primarily from the late 1970s through the 1990s, and are also useful from a history of graphic design perspective.

Between 1969 and 1994, COMSAT had an internal publication which appeared under various names and formats, ranging from a simple newsletter to a magazine.  This series contains a full set of this publication. 

Public Relations
COMSAT's early days are documented by press clippings contained in five scrapbooks spanning the years 1962-1969.  Press releases from 1962-1994 help round out the corporation' s public face.  Like the publication series, the public relations files include material about Marisat, Intelsat, Inmarsat and various subsidiaries.

COMSAT History Files
This series consists of two groups of material:  transcripts of oral history interviews conducted with COMSAT employees and relevant outsiders in the late 1980s as part of the COMSAT History Project, and a series of numbered files containing material that document important events in COMSAT's history.  The bulk of these files are arranged numerically, beginning with H000001 and running through the H000700s.  Some of the numeric ranges are incomplete, and there is no index to the numbered files.  A small portion of the files are arranged chronologically.  The files include correspondence, legislative materials (including congressional testimony and marked up bills), brochures, and technical documents, including those related to Early Bird and other Hughes Aircraft satellites.

John McLucas papers
This series consists of McLucas's chronological correspondence files from 1977 to 1984, and copies of speeches delivered between 1977 and 1983.

Visual Materials
The COMSAT Legacy Group preserved a representative sampling of film and video footage relating to various aspects of COMSAT's history, including satellite launches, promotional spots, and news clips.  The material is arranged by format, and within format, chronologically.


Box 1
Bound volumes:  Corporate Publications, 1962-1968
                        Corporate Publications, 1968-1973

COMSAT annual reports, 1964-1999

Box 2
Shareholders reports:  quarterly, 1964-1985; 1986

Scrapbooks:  press clippings, 1962-1966, 3 volumes

Box 3
Scrapbooks:  press clippings, 1962-1969

Box 4
Press releases, 1962-1976

Box 5
Press releases, 1977-1984

Box 6
Press releases, 1984-1991

Box 7
Press releases, 1990-1994
Drafts and final press releases, 1986-1987
Public disclosure documents, 2000
COMSAT Labs annual reports, 1983; 1985-1988
RAND report:  Satellites and Technology for Communications:  Shaping the Future .  J. L. Hult, January 1968

Box 8:  Comsat History Project Interviews

Acheson, David C.
Battle, Lucius
Berman, William
Breslow, Jerome
Briskman, Robert
Carter, William Gilbert
Charyk, Joseph (3 volumes)
Colino, Richard
Cutler, Lloyd
Devore, Lawrence
Edelson, Burton
Ende, Asher
Feldman, George
Fensterwald, Bernard
Goldstein, Irving
Gordon, Matthew
Greer, Donald
Harrington, Jack
Henry, E. William
Jaffe, Leonard
Johnson, John (2 volumes)
Johnson, U. Alexis
Katzenbach, Nicholas
Lawler, George

Lee, Robert E.
Loevinger, Lee
McConnell, Joseph (2 volumes)
McGhee, George C.
Marks, Leonard
Malamed, David
Metzger, Sidney
Meyer, Lewis
Moulton, Horace
Pollack, Louis
Potts, James
Puckett, Allen

Box 9:  Comsat History Interviews
Reber, Carl
Roseman, Abbott?see Strassburg, Bernard
Strassburg, Bernard and Roseman, Abbott
Throop, Allen
Votaw, Martin
Washburn, Abbott
Welsh, Edward C.
Westfall, Ted

" Communications Satellite Corporation Initial Stock Offering," volumes I and II, 1964
"Communications Satellite Corporation:  First Annual Meeting of Shareholders," 1964
"Establishment of the Corporation"

Box 10
Marifacts : 1974-1994
Inmarsat: Annual Reports, 1987-1993
Inmarsat Insigns : July 1992; January, 1992
"New Ventures in Satellite Communications," March, 1976; January, 1977; March, 1977.
Other Intelsat publications

Box 11
Intelsat press releases, 1985
Shareholder Meetings: 1966-1972; 1974
Proxy Statements: 1987; 1991
COMSAT Public Disclosure Documents, 1997

Box 12
COMSAT press releases, 1998: 3 folders
McLucas, John: Chron file, 1977-1983; 11 folders

Box 13
McLucas, John: Chron file, 1984: 6 folders
n.d.    [Technology in the information age]
April 23, 1977   Transcript of remarks at the Awards Banquet, South Carolina Aviation Safety Week, Greenville, South Carolina
November 1, 1977 " Application of Satellite Date to Petroleum and Mineral Explorations," banquet address presented at the PECORA III Symposium, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
November 1, 1977   " Considerations for Commercial Applications of Earth Resources Data," presented at the PECORA III Symposium, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
December 6, 1978 Opening remarks @ the Inaugural Ceremonies for Marisat
February 7-9, 1978 " Prospects for a New Generation Air Transport," AIAA 14th Annual Meeting, Sheraton Park Hotel, Washington, DC
November 16-17, 1978  " NAVSTAR: A Worldwide Civil Navigation System," RTCA Assembly Meeting, Washington, DC
May 7, 1979  Keynote address at the Local Area Communications Network Syposium?Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston MA; " The Outlook for Satellite Communications."
May 20, 1977  " The Place of Enduring C3 in the Military Posture of the US"
June 12, 1979  Remarks at the ERT Summer Institute on Environmental Management in Developing Countries, Boston, MA
December 13, 1979 " Trends in Satellite Communications," AFCES, Alamo Chapter, Kelly AFB, San Antonion, TX
March 27, 1980 Opening remarks at the 18th Goddard Memorial Symposium of The American Astronautical Society, Washington, DC
April 17, 1980 Honorary Lecture:  " The Future of Communications and the Role of Engineering in a Technological Society," College of Engineering, Penn State
April 30, 1980 " Maritime Satellite Communications:  Technical Success and Financial Challenge," RTCM Assembly Meeting, Key Bridge Marriott Hotel, Arlington, VA
May 12, 1980  " World Communications: Public Policies and Private Initiatives for the 80s," World Communications Conference, Annenberg School of Communications, University of Pennsylvania
October 24, 1980 Lecture in the program " Frontiers of Applied Contemporary Technology and Sciences (FACTS)," SUNY Binghamton
February 11, 1981 " Satellite Communications for Military and Civilian Purposes," Air Force Institute of Technology, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH
June 2, 1981  " Global Cooperation in Satellite Communications in a Decade of Policy Divergence," AIAA International Aerospace Symposium, Paris, France

Aug 30-Sept 4 1981  " Space Communications 1961-2001: Cooperation and Conflict," Conference on Global Implications of Space Activities, Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, AIAA, Aspen, Co
October 21, 1981 Talk on the President?s Task Force on Crew Complement given to Professor Cary' s students at MIT
February 1, 1982 Commencement of INMARSAT operations, London
March 26, 1982 Remarks before the Subcommittee on Science, Research and Technology and Investigations and Oversight, House Committee on Technology
March 29, 1982 Statement before the Subcommittee on Science, Research and Technology and Investigations and Oversight, House Committee on Technology
April 29, 1982 Statement of Dr. McLucas before the House Comm. On Science and Technology, Subcomm. On Transportation, Aviation & Materials
June 8, 1982  Maritime Technology Fair:  Remarks by Dr. McLucas
October 19, 1982 " Survivable Communications:  The Challenge Ahead."   MILCOM ' 82:  1982 IEEE Military Communications Conference, Boston, MA
October 19, 1982 " The FAA' s Grand Plan: 27th Annual Air Traffic Control Association, Fall Conference, Atlantic City, New Jersey
October 25, 1982 " The United States Space Policy:  Its Implications for the Communications Sphere"   American Astronautical Society Annual Conference, Houston, TX
February 13, 1983 " Changing Federal Roles in Information & Telecommunications," Government Excecutive Seminar on Evolving Government Information and Telecommunication Systems, Williamsburg, VA
May 15, 1983  Caribbean Telecommunications Conference, Opening Remarks
November 15, 1983 Remarks at the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics Technical Symposium and Annual Assembly Meeting.

Box 14:  COMSAT History: Legislative Materials
H.R. 13015:
 Remarks of Chairman Charles D. Ferris, FCC, before the 81st Annual Convention of USITA, Atlanta, October, 11, 1978
 Remarks of Senator Ernst F. Hollings before USITA, Atlanta, October 11, 1978
 Remarks of Congressman Van Deerlin, USITA, Atlanta, October 9, 1978
 Statements by FCC Commissioners on HR 13015, and others
 Portion of the House Subcommittee transcript with inserts
 Dr. Charyk' s statement of August 14, 1978
 Henry Geller' s statement of August 9, 1978
 Testimony of Philip N. Whittaker, Satellite Business Systems, July 25, 1978
 Congressman Lou Frey' s statement on introduction of The Communications Act of 1978, June 7, 1978
 Highlights of the Communications Act of 1978, House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Communications, June 7, 1978
 Section-by-Section Analysis of the Communications Act of 1978
 H.R. 13015 (Committee Print, June 6, 1978)
 Senate Res. 413, March 10, 1978

H.R. 11209:
 Public Law 95-564, signed November 1, 1978
 Change in Floor Statement, October 19, 1978
 Memo to Mr. Battle from GJR, October 17, 1978, attaching Floor remarks and amendments
 House and Senate floor debate, October 17, 1978. Also Sentate.
 Senate passage, August 7, 1978
 Department of Justice views, July 14, 1978
 Senate Report 95-1036, and H.R. 11209 as reported; includes " Dear Colleague" letter by Congressmen Van Deerling & Frey, May 15, 1978
 House passage, May 15, 1978
 Letter from Dr. Charyk to Senator Hollings, enclosing the answers to questions submitted, May 18, 1978
 WUI Mailgram sent to all members of the House from Robert E. Conn, May 6, 1978
 INMARSAT hearing, Senate, May 8, 1978
 Dr. Charyk' s statement before the Senate Subcommittee on Communications, May 8, 1978
 WUI, E.A. Gallagher' s statement on the bill, Senate Subcommittee on Communications, May 8, 1978
 Letter to Senator Hollings from Mr. Battle, May 5, 1978
 MOORE Amendment, April 20, 1978
 H.R. 95-1134, Part 1, and Committee print of bill
 Proposed Amendments by AT&T
 House hearing, Interstate & Foreign Commerce Committee, April 4, 1978
 Committee prints of March 31, and April 22
 Letter to Congressman Lionel Van Deerlin from Roderick A. Mette, TRT, March 29, 1978, & letter tp Van Deerlin from George F. Mansur, President, Aeronautical Radio, Inc, April 4, 1978
 Edward J. Martin' s statement before the House, Merchant Marine & Fisheries, March 21, 1978
 WUI letter to Chairman Ferris, March 9, 1978
 H.R. 11209 as introduced on February 28, 1978
 Letter to Ronald D. Coleman, House Interstate & Foreign Commerce Committee, February 22, 1978.

Box 14:  Comsat Historical Files
Chronological files, 1962-1965

Box 15:  Comsat Historical Files
Numbered files, H000001-H000052

Box 16:  Comsat Historical Files
Numbered files, H000053-H000089

Box 17:  Comsat Historical Files
Numbered files, H000090-H000439

Box 18:  Comsat Historical Files
Numbered files, H000440-H000676

Box 19:  Comsat Historical Files
Numbered files, H000677-H000714

Box 20:  Comsat Historical Files

Box 21
Intelsat Annual Reports, 1973-1994
Intelsat News, 1991-1993
Intelsat Agreement and Operating Agreement, 1971; 1973
Intelsat Headquarters Agreement, 1976
"Intelsat Research and Development Program," brochure in English, Spanish and French
"The Intelsat Decade"
Intelsat Board of Governors Rules of Procedure
Management Services Contract between COMSAT and Intelsat, 1974
"Treaty on Principles"
Intelsat Tariff Manual, November, 1995
"Intelsat in the 90s:  Shaping a Global Society"
"Intelsat is..."
Intelsat Assembly of Parties, 1976:  Rules of Procedure
Intelsat Data Handbook
COMSAT reports to the President and Congress, 1964-1968

Box 23:  Publications
Comsat News, 1969-1975
Satellite Pathways, 1975-1980
Comsat Magazine, 1980-1985
Comsat Corporation Today, 1986-1991
Connections, 1988-1991, incomplete
Community, 1989-1990
Comsat News Update, 1993-1994

Box 23
Bound documents:   First Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Establishment of the Corporation

Additional legislative material

Box 24
Oral History Tapes

Box 25
Duplicate publications

Box 26
Bound Comsat Reports

Box 27
Duplicate Reports

Box 28
Photos:  Microwave labs 1 and 2; Intelsat

Box 29
Duplicate Reports

Box 30
Earth Station photos:  Brewster, Andover and Jamesburg Earth Stations

Box 31
Earth Station photos:  Etam, Hawaii and Alaska Earth Station

Box 32
Photos:  special events, earth stations, people

Box 33
Tape 82-Comsat 25th Anniversary, ’88, Arthur Clarke, part 1
Tape 83-Comsat 25th Anniversary, ’88, Arthur Clarke, part 2
Tape 84-Irv Goldstein ‘87
Tape 85-Contel Camera, ‘87
Tape 86-SBS Launch ‘80
Tape 87-WRC-TV, new sat to be launched (SBS?) ‘80
Tape 88-Today Show ‘88
Tape 89-Disaster Relief ‘89
Tape 90-25th Anniversary, Goldstein, Whitehead speeches
Tape 91-Intelsat K

Box 34

Box 35
Tape 71-Comsat Annual Meet ‘83
Tape 72-Comsat Annual Meet ‘84
Tape 73-Sat TV Corp, WJAL-TV ‘84
Tape 74-Sat TV Corp, Focus Group 5 of 8 reels ‘84
Tape 75-Sat TV Corp, Focus Group ? of 8 reels ‘84
Tape 76-Sat TV Corp, Focus Group 1 of 8 reels ‘84
Tape 77-Sat TV Corp, Focus Group 2 of 8 reels ‘84
Tape 78-WJLA-TV, Sat Com’s history, ‘81
Tape 79-Washington’s Channel 9 report of Comsat, on weather and Landsat ‘81
Tape 80-Sat to House Broadcasting?

Box 36
Tape 1-News 4 Washington, “Comsat/Education”
Tape 2-Irving Goldstein Special Rehearsal, May 90
Tape 3-Labs
Tape 4-Flat Plate antenna 7/87
Tape 5-TV Clips, “Disaster Relief”
Tape 6-I. Goldstein Speech
Tape 7-Comstar D Buildup and Launch 2/21/81
Tape 8-Shareholder’s Meet ‘90, Tape 1
Tape 9-Shareholder’s Meet ’90, Tape 2
Tape 10-Financial News Network, Bruch Crockett, Nov 88
Tape 11-Shareholder’s Meet, 1987

Box 37
Tape 116-Comstar D-4 Launch 2/21/81
Tape 117-SBS launch deployment, B-day celebration of SBS 1,2
Tape 118-Newscasts Channels 4,7 launch of new comm. Satellite, Nov 15 1980
Tape 119-ComGen Satellite system
Tape 121-Aeronautical 5/92
Tape 122-INTELSAT reboost mission
Tape 123-Planet 1
Tape 124-Comsat INTELSAT K, 4/3/91
Tape 124-CSD Innearsat C 12/91
Tape 125-SAT TV Corp. Marketing 8/84
Tape 126-Comsat “Loud and Clear” 5/90
Tape 127-Groundbreaking ceremonies April ‘85

Box 38
Tape 27-Com’s Training, Goldstein Interview
Tape 28-Comgen NBE sat distrib
Tape 29-Comsat Maneuver discard tape
Tape 30-Intelsat K
Tape 31-Intelsat animation and country music
Tape 32-PanAm sues Comsat, new ‘89
Tape 33-Comsat Softball
Tape 34-President Reagan msg to Comsat ‘88
Tape 35-Yacht, Marisat terminal
Tape 36-13 commercials 2 by Channel K
Tape 37-Cable and SAT show in London ‘87
Tape 38-Advanced Satcoms, WUSA-TV ‘86
Tape 39-The Comsat Maneuver
Tape 40-Shareholder’s Meet, ‘88

Box 39
Tape 128-House Telecom Sub. ’96 tape 2
Tape 129-House floor vote, HR 1872 tape 1
Tape 130-House floor vote, HR 1872 tape 2
Tape 131-HU Telecom, Trade Sub. ‘97
Tape 132-Telecom Sub. ’96 tape 1
Tape 133-IN 6 reboost mission ‘92
Tape 134-Comsat’s Sub ‘97
Tape 135-Betty Alewine ‘98
Tape 136-History of Sat in USIA
Tape 137-Gewetl Dynamics AC 105
Tape 138-Goldstein Invterview
Tape 139-Kids for Special Olympics
Tape 140-Clarksburg, tape 1
Tape 141-Clarksburg, tape 2
Tape 142-Intelsat Reboost, tape 2
Tape 143-Aeronautical
Tape 144-CNBE Annual Meet Weyser/Pratte
Tape 145-HU Floor vote HR 1872, ‘98
Tape 146-HU Telecom Sub ‘96
Tape 147-HU Telecom, tape 2

Box 40
Tape 51-“Ten Years Until Tomorrow” ‘87
Tape 52-Annual Shore Meet ’84, part 1
Tape 53-Annual Shore Meet ’84, part 2
Tape 54-Channel K AMWashington Interview ‘78
Tape 55-NBC News, Andover ‘80
Tape 56-Comsat overview
Tape 57-Pres. Reagan Message to Comsat ‘88
Tape 58-NASA tape on ACTS
Tape 59-NY ops center, Governor’s Island
Tape 60-PanAm sues Comsat, CNN ‘89

Box 41
Tape 103-Bruce Crockett Interview
Tape 104-Telesystems
Tape 105-5 Comsat Commercials 
Tape 106-Roaring Creek
Tape 107-Roaring Creek ‘82
Tape 108-Etam Dedication ‘80
Tape 109- Etam Dedication ‘81
Tape 110-Voices
Tape 111-STC
Tape 112-STC
Tape 113- Chinese Tour Kindg. Ctr.
Tape 114-Audio tape, Nixon trip to China
Tape 115-Audio tape, Nixon with Kind of Morocco

Box 42
Tape 61-The Eagle Has Landed; First step-Apollo 11
Tape 62-Comsat, NBC TV distribution, ‘84
Tape 63-Irv Goldstein interview, BizNet ‘86
Tape 64-Winter Olympics, Satellite feeds, ‘76
Tape 65-Comsat@ World’s Fair, Knoxville ‘82
Tape 66-Annual Shore Meet ‘83
Tape 67-Comsat Telesystems
Tape 68-Arthur Clarke Message ‘88
Tape 69-Bloomsburg
Tape 70-Sat TV Corp, presentation, ‘83

Box 43
Tape 14-NFL Football, March ‘91
Tape 15-CNBC, Immersat-P Sat. Venture, 7/20/95
Tape 16-Planet/Phone (MSNBC)
Tape 17-CNBC, Comsat Product (?), 1/24/96
Tape 18-MSNBC, Planet, Phone, Nov. ‘96
Tape 19-1987 Shareholder Meeting Tape 2
Tape 20-1987 Shareholder Meeting Tape 1
Tape 21-Eight commercials, two by Chary K
Tape 22-Wembley Press Briefing, March ‘87
Tape 23-Mobil  Land Restor Visitors Ctr.
Tape 24-Comsat Annual Meet 6/28/83
Tape 25-1980 Annual Report, Spring ‘81
Tape 26- 30 second coverage, 6/28/83
Tape 41-MCI Intl.
Tape 42-Comsat Maneuver, press conference ‘86

Box 44
Video tapes #168-179
16 mm films

Box 45
Tape 43-Comsat Maneuver, press conference ‘86
Tape 44-Comsat Maneuver, press conference ‘86
Tape 45-Eyewitness News ‘81
Tape 46-CICI-Phase III ’87 (Comsat Intl.)
Tape 47-Business TV/Teleconferences. WTTG-TV ‘88
Tape 48-Comsat TSI
Tape 49-Comsat Special Olympics
Tape 50-Comsat Maneuver, press conf. ‘86

Box 46
Tape 148-Comsat Oral History
Tape 149-Persp. on Leadership-Crockett Interview
Tape 150-House Commerce tapes 1-4. Sept. ‘97
Tape 151-House Commerce Sub. tapes 5-6. Sept. ‘97
Tape 152-House Telecom and Fin. Sub. Sept. ‘96
Tape 153-ABC World News “JJHS But Friends”
Tape 154-House Telecom and Final Salute, Sept. ‘96
Tape 155-Crochett NAB Special, “Comsat Today”
Tape 156-Comsat Ascent Entertainment-Denver TV
Tape 157-“Best Friends”
Tape 158-Bloomberg, Comsat Corp. ‘96
Tape 159- Sailing Alone- The BOC Challenge
Tape 160-Comsat Logo Animation
Tape 161-Comsat, WHMM, ‘94
Tape 162-Planet 1 Video
Tape 163-Install Inworsat M (Scientific)
Tape 164-Comsat Xmas party, tape 1
Tape 165-Comsat Xmas party, tape 2
Tape 166-Comsat Xmas party, tape 3
Tape 167-Iuuearsat C System at Southburg, tape 1

Box 47
Tape 92- Rendezvous in Space
Tape 93- Consort Slave Meet ‘88
Tape 94-FCC Meeting ‘93
Tape 95-NBC news, Businesses donate to W. Bury Summit
Tape 96- Comsat Annual Slave Meet ’84 (tape 1)
Tape 97-Comsat Annual Slave Meet ’84 (tape 2)
Tape 98-Space Connection ‘81
Tape 99- Comsat Annual Slave Meet ‘75
Tape 100- Audio Tape, 25th Anniversary ‘88
Tape 101-Comsat Annual Slave West ’86 (tape 1)
Tape 102- Comsat Annual Slave West ’86 (tape 2)

Boxes 48-50
16 mm films