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Welcome to The IOT History Project

The IOT History Project is devoted to preserving the history and
accomplishments of the COMSAT IOT developers and team members for posterity.
It is operated by Steve Teller of IOT Systems, LLC with contributions
already made by many including, Chris Mahle, Irv Dostis, John V. Evans,
Robert Kroll, and many others.

The IOT History Project was initiated in response to Lockheed Martin (and
Steve Teller personally for Lockheed Martin) starting to focus on reducing
floor space and there was a fear that unless something was done, all of the
COMSAT Legacy materials may cease to exist.  This was started about a year
before the COMSAT Legacy Project was started.  Once the IOT History Project
(which originally was wider scope to include all of COMSAT) became aware of
the COMSAT Legacy Project several of the activities merged.  Also, Steve
Teller and IOT Systems decided to host the COMSAT Legacy Materials for the
COMSAT Legacy Foundation.

Here is an early Chronology of IOT at COMSAT.

Steve Teller
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